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 Postional Camp

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July 6th- Positional camp

This Positional Camp is designed and intended to allow campers to receive position-specific individual training before starting the Skills Camp on July 7th.  Campers may register for only the Position Camp and also stay overnight through the Skills Camp ending on July 9th.  Setter, Pin Hitter, Middle Blocker, and Defensive Specialist positions will be offered at the Positional Camp.  This camp includes 2 on-court sessions. Grades 6-12.
Residents = $115 (Includes 3 meals)
Commuter w/ Meal = $75

Skills Camp


July 8-10th – Skills Camp

The Skills Camp is designed and intended for the developing athlete who may or may not be new to volleyball.  The instruction and drills for this camp are designed for the beginner to intermediate camper looking for a challenging, competitive, and fun camp experience.  Our camp staff will be keeping a close eye on your development to make sure that you are assigned to the appropriate training group for the duration of the camp. This camp includes 6 on-court sessions. Grades 6-12.
Residents = $350 (Includes 5 meals)
Commuter = $275 (Includes 3 meals)
Commuter w/ NO Meals = $230

Elite Camps


July 17-19th – Elite Camp

The Elite Camp is recommended for the volleyball player who is looking to improve their technique and overall skills necessary for playing volleyball at a higher level.  This camp will involve more advanced skill instruction in addition to surrounding each player with upper level talent. Each camper will hone their techniques in a variety of fast-paced drills and games that are designed to be competitive and fun. There will be opportunities for match play throughout the camp so the campers can put their skills to the test!  This camp includes 6 on-court sessions. Grades 6-12.
Residents = $350 (Includes 5 meals)
Commuter = $275 (Includes 3 meals)
Commuter w/ NO Meals = $230

Team Training Camp


July 14-16th – Team Training Camp

This camp is a great opportunity for Middle and High School teams seeking the ultimate camp experience.  Teams will receive training to improve their offensive and defensive systems in addition to various competitions and a camp-wide tournament.  Team bonding activities, the WYOlympics, and a “theme night” are also hit attractions for this camp.  Don’t know what systems to run?  A camp coach will be assigned to every team to assist with training.  Camp occurs in 1 location, no need to drive to multiple facilities.  This camp is a must for preparing your team for the fall season! This camp includes 7 on-court sessions. This is not a play only camp. Grades 6-12.
Residents = $245 per player (Includes 6 meals)
Commuter = $175 per player (Includes 4 meals)
Commuter w/ NO Meals = $125 per player


Welcome to the 2016 University of Wyoming Volleyball Camps



Mark your calendars for the following camps:

  • Skills Camp-July 8-10th
  • Team Training Camp-July 14-16th
  • Elite Camp-July 17th-19th

Welcome to the 2016 schedule of Wyoming Volleyball Summer Camps! This summer, the University of Wyoming Volleyball program is offering a variety of camps designed to attract and challenge all levels of athletes and volleyball players. Under the instruction of the Wyoming Volleyball staff and players, each camper will be exposed to various drills, individual technique instruction, and advanced gameplay to help each participant grow as a player while experiencing a fun and memorable camp experience.
We are looking forward to having you on campus this summer!

Upon request, rides to Laramie from Denver International Airport can be made available by our camp staff.

*Camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender)

*Note – Again in 2015, the Wyoming State Legislature has approved a referendum to assist with the cost of summer camp housing for all Wyoming residents (campers) who are entering the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade during the fall of 2015. A $15 rebate per night spent in the dorms will be given to all those Wyoming residents who qualify per the above qualifications. Thus, any qualifying camper who spends 2 nights in the dorms for the Skills Camp, Elite Skills Camp, or Team Training Camp will receive a $30 rebate at the conclusion of the camp.